FDMC Dimanche Sprint 2013

Farnborough and District Motor Club will be holding their annual sprint at Rushmoor arena on Sunday 14th April 2013.

All the information required and online entry can be found here

IOWCC members have already pledged their support to the event and further entries from others is rumoured.

The last visit to this venue (Sprint Royale 2012 – results) was dominated by IOWCC regular Will Thomas who took fastest time of the day in his and Dad Derek’s Porsche 911. Derek was 5th overall last year.

Richard Weaver returns to the event in his historic Ford Escort rally car for the first time since his 5th overall in 2011.

Martyn Cutler takes time out from his SELOC Sprint Championship campaign for a relaxing non-championship one-off outing. Martyn took 2nd overall in the SELOC Sprint Championship 2012 and now, with a supercharger helping his Vauxhall VX220 in the power department, is hunting down the top step.

Plenty of time to place an entry with space available, but filling steadily.




The 2013 season has started and right from the off the usual contenders for the top spot battle it out once again. Toby Allen and Dave Dutch were trading tenths of second for first and second place all day, this time Toby came out on top and Dave only six tenths behind him with Martyn Cutler in third and was over a second behind them but he was heading up the following group who were also all within a few tenths of a second between them. Following Martyn was Chris Greenen in his rapid Mini followed by Andrew Foster then Neil Glasbey.

There were also many class battles going on as well..

Class 1 ….. no entries this time..

Class 2 …. Once again Dean Long dominated followed by Daryl Turner and then Daniel Kozakowycz then Tony Long and finally Tom Silvester..

Class 3 ….. This Hotly contested class was once again dominated by Dave Dutch in his DUTCHSPEED mini Pickup but Chris Greenen was chasing hard but could not get anywhere near the pace of Dave, Chris was followed by David Goodwin and then by Adam Greenen and Kevin Richardson then Wayne Hole and finally Steve Stotesbury..

Class 4 … This class was the most contested class on the day and was dominated by Toby Allen and over a second ahead of Martyn Cutler who was closely followed by Andrew Foster and Neil Glasbey, he was followed by Danny Grist , Steve Glasbey , Matthew Griffin , Vicky Cox , Dave Leppard , Neil Corney , Robert Smith, Linda Burt , Sam Tailor , Ross Sinfield , Marie Smith

Class 5 … This also was a hotly contested class this year with twice the entries as last year but saw last years champion of this class John Dutch in his DUTCHSPEED Mini Special once again coming out on top but hot on his hills was the 2011 champion of this class Dan Morgan followed by Matthew Price , Darren Taylor , Ryan Munt , Andy Williams , Paul wills , Terry Steele , Chris Wilson , Joe Moor , Callumn Steele , Jill Williams…

Ladies leader board.. Vicky Cox , Linda Burt , Jill Williams , Marie Smith….