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Committee Meeting 17th July 2012

Isle of Wight Car Club Committee Meeting


Venue:                      Camp Hill Social Club


Time and Date:        17 July 2012, 8pm


Attendees:                AW, PW, MS, JD, DW, MP, BR, SS, PR, GB


Guests:                     None


Apologies:                RW, DM, DG






1.    Acceptance of Minutes


Accepted by all.



2.    Matters Arising


Solar charging system for trailer batteries.  GB authorised to spend up to £250.


Write ups – no volunteers as yet.


Marshal briefing – improvements made.  Two car overlap for marshal changeover.


Class 3 trophy – new band being added.  Currently with engravers who will add D Dutch’s name.


Linda Burt website – PW delivered replies to Linda’s comment about marshalling posted on our website.


Broken cars – two run window adopted and works.













3.    Membership Report


28 at Knighton, 10 in advance and 18 on the day with 1 full and 1 day member.  Total takings £359.


New member was Chris Wilson, proposed AW and seconded PW with all in favour.


4.    Treasurer’s Report


Current account = £6913.41

Business premium account = £2560.50

5.    Venues


MP spoke to GKN – less likely owing to insurance claim from a cricket match incident, however, if can show we have insurance may turn things around.  Insurance details sent to all by PR a few weeks ago.


BAE on 27 July – permit sorted


Show ground for social charity event on 12 August – £125 cost to hire.


Atherfield – permit sorted


PW field at Little Palance Farm is 9 September


Tech is 23 September


Nunwell in Oct is TBC


Regarding show ground, need to chain harrow it afterwards and in worst case, may need to re-seed at cost of £40 max.


Letter needs to go to residents for this event and needs to state that the Royal IoW Agricultural Society has requested the IoWCC write to nearby residents.


There is the potential to use this ground two or three times a year.


Regarding the event itself, it will be for charity for Sophie Rolf who is fighting a tumour.  All monies raised to go to Sophie’s charity, Kissy Puppy, less insurance costs.  Also to have a collection bucket.


To make it an open day with Concours d’Elegance (‘Show and Shine’) and trophy, entry at £2 per car.  SS to get trophy.


To invite Will Nichols, Steve Wells etc to show off their competition cars as well.


Can also allow public to compete if they specifically ask, at usual rate for day members plus day membership.


Marshalling will be as per normal but based upon 1hr stints.  Normal pricing for IWCC members but day sign on fee to the Kissy Puppy charity.


Advert and PR – AW to do this and invite Autoglym to have a stand as part of Show and Shine.  Judging for Show and Shine will be JD assisting Sophie, who will present the trophie.


IWCC banner to go up Sat night.


AW to do sketch on Google of field, markup, scan and email to committee.


MS to consider whether need to contact MSA regarding our insurance for such an event, though felt should be okay.


AW to contact RW regarding risk assessment.


WCs available onsite and SS to clean after event.


MS thanked AW for his work on this event.


























































6.    Any Other Business


DW unable to attend charity event.


Track day on 1ST December at Brands Hatch for £140.

Date of next meeting


Tue 7 August in Back Bar area.


Close of Meeting


Meeting closed at 9.55pm.