Event Date Venue
Non-Championship Autotest 18th February Isle of Wight College
AGM 2nd March The Chequers Inn, Rookley
Round 1 (SS) 11th March  BAE Systems
Round 2 (USS) 18th March  Knighton Sandpit
Round 3 (SS) 15th April
Round 4 (SS) 20th May
Round 5 (USS) 3rd June
Round 6 (USS) 15th July
Round 7 (USS) 29th July
Syd Taylor IOWCC Autocross 11/12th August
Round 8 (SS) 2nd September
Round 9 (USS) 16th September
Round 10 (USS) 30th September
Round 11 (USS) 28th October
Round 12 (SS) 10th November
Round 13 (SS) 11th November
Round 14 (SS) 25th November